Fragrant with the smell of onsen

Quiet and relaxing

Once you’ve tried the cuisine and enjoyed a bath here, you are sure to want to visit again. Long-term lodgers are welcome, as are women staying alone. This inn’s onsen is recommended as a free-flowing onsen near to the source. Stay for a long time to enhance the benefits of the onsen.

There are never more than 10 guests staying here at a time, with no parties of tourists, so this inn is a quiet and relaxing place.

Extensive lobby

A quaint old-style TV and a large grandfather clock are located in the lobby making a nice atmosphere for a chat with the friendly inn-keeper. There are books you can borrow and a massage chair you can use. 70% of guests are regular customers, and most guests stay long-term. Lodging and breakfast starts from 5200 yen - a good low price for long-term lodgers. The fee for lodging only is 4000 yen per person.


Check in at 12:00 pm check out at 10:00am
Reservation by make a phone call of FAX
Room rates:
One night with breakfast and dinner 6000 yen - 8000 yen (Those staying alone pay 7000)
Long-term lodging from 6000 yen (For more than two persons in a room)
One night and breakfast 5200 yen (plus a local tax of 100 yen)
There are no special fees for summer or New Year’s holiday periods. This inn’s prices never change.
Phone 0279(66)2331 FAX 0279(66)2946
Web sight
2318 Kamisawatari Nakanojo Agatsuma Gunma Japan