Mt.Arikasa◇Height666m、It is original shape like pudding.Mnay pepole fun to clibming or rock climbing. Seseragi river park◇Here is favorite point for river swimminr in the clear water.Many families go there to swim at the summer time. Sennin cave◇This natural cave is at taking a walk for one hour on the mountain path from the entrace of old Miraju house.There is a labyrinth in the you should be careful when you go inside. Biennale◇The art festival hold every 2 years that is sponsored Nakanojo town.All the town is filled with the arts,that event is so fun.You might see a artist in the town some time. Sawatari shrine◇Ther is a promenade to Mt.Kansya and is a historic monument.There is clored with many yellow leaves of ginkgo at autum season. Public onsen◇You might spend a good time in the onsen that is left an atmospherer of old time sosen style. This side of bath tab is little bit hot and the other side is warmy.There is not shower.

Light way bathing,outside onsen

Historic Monument,Festival

River swimming,Fishig

Sennin cave,Kirifuri fall,Mt.Arikasa

There is fated to Bokusui Wakayama

Pottery,cook a Soba

Shima onsen,kuni onsen etc

The art festival hold every 2 years that is suponsered Nakanojo town

Show the cherry blossam spot around Sawatari and more