Biennale art festival

A favorite event in Nakanojo

The Nakanojo Biennale is an event that is held in about 30 places all around Nakanojo. Up-and-coming artists, as well as famous artists, show their works around town for three weeks.

There are drawings, sculptures, and artworks large and small.
There is even a condemned school building that has been transformed into an objet d’art.

Stay and see

It is impossible to see the whole Biennale in one day because there are more than five separate areas. And you should visit all the areas and see all the works because there is a stamp rally with a grand prize. Therefore, please use Sawatari, strategically located in the center of Nakanojo. Sawatari also has access to the Kuni area, which makes it an ideal spot for Biennale attendees.


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