From hive to home

Pure natural honey

This shop sells direct honey and propolis (bee glue) from Hayashi Apiary. They have been selling the finest pure honey and propolis for over 70 years. Because of changes in the weather and available flowers, the taste and quality of the honey differs from year to year, as nature intended. The same, of course, can be said for wine. To truly understand this honey, you have to try it yourself. Honey harvested from acacia or chestnut flowers is especially viscous. It is worth a visit to try some.



Precious propolis

Said to be effective in raising your immunity, it is rare to find pure propolis. You should sample its effects for yourself.


--Acacia flower
300g from 900yen
--Lily flower
300g from 800yen
-Propolis 9450yen/bottle
Phone 0279(66)2016