Traditional inn established in the 17th century

Be part of protecting an unexplored hot spring

According to the reviews of this inn, most of the guests come from faraway places. It is an old inn, but perhaps surprisingly that means the proprietors spend more time cleaning and maintaining it. Seinosuke Nakajima, an antiques appraiser on a certain Japanese TV program, visited this inn in a personal capacity and deemed it a “good working inn”.

This inn’s point of pride is a free-flowing cedar bath direct from the onsen source. The floor of the bath is also pure cedar. The mixture of the mild Sawatari water with the cedar makes a relaxing atmosphere. There is mixed bathing but also a ladies-only time set aside.

Restoring an old bath house

The atmosphere here is a restoration of the atmosphere present in many bath houses when Sawatari had frequent long-term lodgers. Even before you make it down the stairs, you can already smell the fragrance of the baths.


Lodging charges for one night and two meals on a weekday start at 10,800 yen, weekend rates start at 12,960. The rate system separates the room charges from meal charges.
(Lodging only)
Two lodgers in one room 7560 yen each. A single occupancy room is 10,260.
Course A 5400 yen
Course B 3240 uen
Check in from 3PM and check out by 10AM
There is a women-only reservable bath. Guests staying alone are welcome, day bathing, lodging only, long-term lodging, please inquire as to the price.
More information is our web sight.
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Address 2301 Kamisawtari Nakanojo Agatsuma Gunma